Sunnyside Cemetery

Site #16

Designated November 21, 2013

Sunnyside Cemetery was created by the Reverend Rufus Cheney in 1841 from a piece of his own land.  Many early members of the Freewill Baptist Church are buried here.   Rev. Cheney organized the church in 1840; the church building was erected in 1858-59.

Sunnyside cemetery.jpg

The first burial was the Reverend’s baby grandson Henry, followed by a Dr. Ryan.  Reverend Cheney’s daughter-in-law Annliza Gray Cheney, died in December of 1842 and was laid to rest here.  Dr. John Livingston Ingersoll was married to Theresa Cheney, the Reverend’s daughter.  His three sons, all named Robert, lived less than a year.

Rev. Cheney (1780-1869) has a historical marker at his grave, along with his own large stone lying flat on the ground.

Six wars are represented here.  There are 18 Civil War veterans. The grave of Romanta Peck, a Civil War veteran, is marked by the tallest monument.  Some families are buried here and have other family members buried at New Berlin Center Cemetery.  Although this cemetery is located at the very busy corner of I-43 and Racine Avenue, there is still peace among the pines here.

Sunnyside Cemetery Brochure (PDF)