Cheese Factory/Mustang Shelly's Roadhouse

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In 1836 W. A. Cone took out a land grant for ¼ of Section 28 which he then sold to Angelus Verbrick.  In February of 1891 Angelus Verbrick leased a small piece of his property along W. National Ave. to M.A. Sickles and F.E. Allen to hold for the term of 25 years provided they or their heirs would erect and operate within one year a cheese factory.  According to documents filed at the Register of Deeds, Waukesha County, they were to pay one dollar on the 28th day of February of each year of the said term.  Verbrick further agreed upon payment of one hundred dollars he would give them a good and sufficient deed with the limitation that the premises were never to be used for the purpose of selling malt, ardent (burning) spirits or intoxicating liquors or beverages.  He stipulated that in the case of those restrictions being ignored, the premises would revert back to Verbrick.  If they failed to pay the rent and erect a Cheese factory, and failed to keep any other agreement, Verbrick the Leasee could then expel the Leasor from the premises.

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In 1891 M.A. Sickles sold to Edward Ester and later that year E. Ester sold to L.A. Davis.  In 1892 L.A. Davis sold to C.B. McCanna, who then ran C.B. McCanna Cheese and Butter Mfg. there.  Although a documented sale from McCanna could not be found, there is a possibility that it was in later years used as an ice house.  By the 1960’s it was called the NIGHTOWL, and by 1963 an owner by the name of Merlin Hull was listed at that address running a business called HULL’S TAP.  In the 1980’s an individual names Bourdo ran a tavern there.  In 1994 Michele High bought the building and renamed it MUSTANG SHELLY’S (ROADHOUSE).  She is the current owner.