Historic Park 

Designated November 19, 1991

The area near National Avenue and Racine Avenue was the center of the old Yankee Settlement named Prospect Hill by Yankee Dr. John Ingersoll.  Prospect Hill was a close-knit hamlet at the turn of the 19th century. Its 200 residents patronized or operated their mills, blacksmith and cooper shops, tree nursery and greenhouse. Included among them were a doctor, minister, surveyor, carpenter, well-digger, dressmaker, mason and teacher. Progress spelled D-O-O-M for this country’s hamlets. After WWI, the Model T took folks away from home. Rural free delivery closed local post offices and the little stores died. But let us not forget their stories. Prospect Hill was designated a local Historic District on November 19, 1991 by the New Berlin Landmarks Commission.  

*Landmark no longer standing due to development

Small Plaques furnished by Highland Memorial