Sears Kit Barn, Circa 1920

12415 South Grange

Site #10

Designated April 18, 2002

This is one of the last Dairy Barns remaining in New Berlin.  It operated until 1942.  It was designated a New Berlin Landmark on April 10, 2002.   

Sears Roebuck Kit Barn.jpg

Sears offered these pre-cut barns and farm buildings from 1911 until 1932.  They were originally offered in the regular catalog, but after 1918 they were issued in special Barn & Farm Building Catalogs.

The kit for a modern bank barn, with trussed roof construction and vertical siding, already cut and fitted cost about $1,082.00, depending on size.  The No. 2 yellow pine boards were delivered and stacked in the proper order on the property, ready for erecting.  Included in the price was everything needed to complete the barn such as free building plans, nuts and bolts, screws, nails and oxide red paint enough for two coats, along with white window trim.  Inside floor plans were also available.

The kit barns could be put together by a carpenter along with farm workers of the farm for a savings of about half the labor required.

The exterior of the Sears Kit Barn on Grange Avenue is original.  It was restored by Don & Camille Teffer, owners.