Jungbluth Greek Revival Farmhouse

3130 Sunnyslope Road

Site #3

Designated June 8th, 1993

This site of this house was once owned by Mathias and Barbara Jungbluth and was known as the Jungbluth Homestead. The building was home to several early settlers of the New Berlin area. We don’t have an exact date for when the house was built, but construction suggested the 1850’s. The Greek Revival Farmhouse along with its summer kitchen once stood on the east side of Sunny Slope Road with the barn located on the west side of Sunny Slope Road. The barn was torn down when the farm was subdivided for development. At one time, the farmhouse was two separate houses and in two separate locations. Ludwig Frank joined the two sections in 1885. From the interior it was apparent where the two houses were joined since the floors were not level and did not line up evenly. The house was restored and Landmarked in 1993 but eventually sold for development. A marker was erected October 2003 where the house once stood.

Greek Revival House.jpg