Imig-Woelfel Farmstead

Site #23

Designated September 22, 2022

The original 60 acres of land has been owned by just two families in over 170 years.  It was first purchased by Phillip Imig Sr in 1850, and then transferred to his son Phillip Imig Jr in 1856. George Woelfel Jr and wife Mary (Follman) purchased the property in 1887 and it has substantially remained in the Woelfel family ever since.  An additional 40 acres west of Woelfel Rd was added to the farm in about 1918.  The house is a classic two-story Cream City brick farm house with its original working shutters.  The construction date of the house is not known for certain but it may be 1875 based on a decorative date painted on a second floor door.  The barn is constructed with hand hewn wood beams and appears to be much older than the house.  It is unknown when the barn was built.  The various out-buildings are all at least 70 years old or more.