McWhorter, Andrew L. House

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Site #9

Designated October 24, 2000

The house was built circa 1850 of cream city brick in the Greek Revival Style and is in excellent condition. It is a two-story upright style with a one-story wing on the east side, originally containing a deep set-in porch from which two original columns still survive. Cream city brick and a line of lintels follow the roof line of the gable with a signature brick pattern at top of the gable. The house has all cut limestone lintels, sills and foundation.

A frame shed containing a kitchen was added sometime in the 19th century. Another frame addition was added to the west side before 1910.  The floor plan is mostly original

The home was built in 1850 by A. L. McWhorter, one of the first settlers in New Berlin in 1835. The family was a family of substance.

In 1883 it was sold to George Schley and during his ownership, the kitchen was added on the back.  The Schley family was one of New Berlin’s old German families with at least 500 descendants in the area

In 1918 it was sold to George Schoewe, a farmer, a trained accountant and son of a Lutheran minister

In 1988 the estate was sold to Frank Kumershek who subdivided the land and intended to demolish the house.

 In 1992 he sold the house and a large lot to David & Linda Meleski who have restored the house and are now the present owners.