Lindsey-Murphy-Heinz-Sisson Farmstead

Site #2

Designated November 19, 1991

This Cream City house, circa 1840, was built by Quincy Church. It probably replaced the log cabin that once faced onto the Old Mukwonago Road (National Avenue) in pioneer times. John Lindsey once owned the farmstead.  

One of the Freewill Baptist Church Congregation’s eldest members was Abram Vanderpool who married Miss Rebecca Martin in front of the double-faced fireplace in the old cabin. The Martin farm stretched between what is now National Avenue and Barton Road. Rebecca’s sister married Mr. Murphy who took ownership of the farm. Their sons, Guy and Daniel operated a creamery for the Prospect Hill neighborhood. Before they bought the old Hill School building in 1913, they operated from this house. The Murphys moved the schoolhouse down the road with steam engine and rollers.


In later years, John Heinz operated the property as a dairy farm. Lightning struck and destroyed the barn in about 1958. Since1970, the Lee Sisson Family has owned the homestead.  This was the site of Prospect Hill School #2, circa 1863.  The original site was next to the Baptist Church and it served as a one-room red school for 50 years, until it was bought, moved, and used as the Murphy Brothers Creamery on Barton Road.  The Sissons donated the Creamery (once the 1863 Prospect Hill School) to the Historical Park.  It has now moved back to Prospect Hill, in the Historic Park