Liquor Licenses


Liquor and Beer Licenses are required by State Statutes Chapter 125. The licenses are issued yearly from July 1 to June 30.

Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers pamphlet (PDF).

Types of Liquor Licenses

  • Class “A” (beer): $300 annually, licensees may sell beer to consumers in original packages or containers for off-premises consumption only.
  • Class “B” (beer): $100 annually, licensees may sell beer to consumers for on-premises or off-premises consumption.
  • Temporary Class “B” (picnic): $10 per event, licensees may sell beer and other fermented malt beverages to consumers at a picnic or similar gathering for a limited duration. Such licenses may only be issues to “bonafide clubs, to county or local fair associations or agriculture societies, to churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for at least six months … and to veterans’ organizations."
  • “Class A” (liquor): $500 annually, licensees may sell intoxicating liquor to consumers only in original packages or containers for off-premises consumption.
  • “Class B” (liquor): $500 annually, licensees may sell intoxicating liquor to consumers by glass for on-premises consumption. The City has currently met its quota for "Class B" liquor licenses, and all applicants who wish to serve liquor must apply for a Reserve "Class B" license.
  • “Class C” (wine): $100 annually, licensees may sell wine by the glass or in an opened original container for consumption on premises where sold. “Class C” wine licenses may only be granted to restaurants in which the sale of alcohol beverages accounts for less than 50 percent of receipt and where wine is the only intoxicating liquor in the barroom.
  • Extension of Premise: $50/application. A current alcohol licensee may apply for a temporary change in their premise description for specific promotions, events, etc. The City of New Berlin has the discretion to approve or disapprove the change with any standard or special conditions necessary. Extension of premise are regulated by the City’s Municipal Code Chapter 152-4.
  • Publication Fee: Liquor license applicants requiring publication in the local newspaper will be charged an additional $35

For additional information on requirements and qualifications for obtaining a liquor license, please see General Information for Obtaining an Alcohol Beverage License (PDF).

Additional resources

Guidelines for Weddings, Business Events, Large Scale Gatherings (PDF)
Guidelines for Alcoholic Beverages at City-owned Facilities/Shelters (PDF)

Liquor license applications

Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (PDF)
Renewal Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (PDF) (Renewals submitted after April 30 with be subject to a $100 late fee)
Auxiliary Questionnaire (PDF) (required for each individual, partner, agent, member, manager, etc.)
Schedule for Appointment of Agent (PDF) (required for corporations, LLCs & non-profit organizations)

The application is reviewed by the Community Development Department and the Inspection Department. Approval is needed from both departments prior to submitting to Council for consideration. The Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Additional applications

Will you have any pool tables, bowling alleys, jukeboxes or electronic game machines at your establishment? Amusement device license application
Will there be dancing at your establishment? Entertainment license application
Will your establishment sell cigarettes? Cigarette license application

For additional information about licensing or to obtain applications, please contact the Clerk's Office at (262) 786-8610.