Transient / Short Term Lodging

Overview & Application Process

Any person or entity which maintains, manages or operates a short-term rental (which means a residential dwelling that is offered for rent for a fee and for fewer than 30 consecutive days) shall be required to do the following:

  • Obtain from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection a license as a tourist rooming house as defined in Wisconsin Statute Sec. 97.01(15k) when required to do so under said Statute; and any person who maintains, manages or operates a short-term rental as defined in this subsection shall obtain from the City a short-term rental license as provided for in Municipal Code Section 152-24
  • Upon the filing of an application pursuant to this section, and prior to the issuance of any license, the property described in the application shall be inspected by the City Building Inspector, as well as the Fire Department, to investigate and determine if the property is in compliance with applicable state, county, or local ordinances, rules or regulations including outlined in Municipal Code Section 152-24.

The City Clerk shall issue a short-term rental license if an applicant follows the procedures set forth in Subsection C of Ordinance No. 2673 and demonstrates compliance with the provisions of this Section of the Code. A short-term rental license is issued for one (1) license year. 

Application Form

  • Click here to view the City of New Berlin Transient / Short-Term Lodging License application

License Fee

  • The current license fee is $200 per license year. 
  • Payments are accepted by cash or check made payable to: City of New Berlin

Municipal Code & Publications

List of Approved Transient / Short Term Lodging Licenses in the City of New Berlin

List of Denied Transient / Short Term Lodging License Applications for 2024

The City of New Berlin received notice on January 23, 2024 from Naomi Prusinski rescinding her application for Transient / Short Term Lodging. No further action is required.

  1. Rubina R. Medina

    City Clerk

  1. Megan Godshall

    Deputy City Clerk