The Villa's of New Berlin

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Dan Kassees
Crosswind Preserve, LLC
(414) 530-7005


The applicant has filed a petition to rezone the properties located at 14128 W. Honeyager Drive through 14230 W. Honeyager Drive (Tax Key #’s: 1241.104 through 1241.085) from Rd-1 and C-2 to Rd-1/PUD and C-2/PUD to create a Planned Unit Development Overlay District for this parcel.

The PUD for this area will follow the same parameters as previously approved PUD Ordinance #: 2166, which allowed for 10 two-family condominium sites (for a total of 20 units). PUD Ordinance #: 2166 expired in 2016. Mr. Kassees has purchased the land and is applying to complete the project. The applicant has taken measures to commence the project, which include field verifying wetlands, obtaining wetland fill permits and a slight redesign of the road layout to accommodate for the change in the wetlands. The applicant does not plan to change the number of units.

It should be noted that the area legally described below only includes the area to be rezoned as part of this request. This area is part of a larger development area; that area was developed under a separate PUD Ordinance #: 2211 The Farrell Meadows PUD.

Plan Commission:

February 5, 2018 - Public hearing for PUD rezoning

March 5, 2018 - Recommendation to Common Council to adopt an ordinance that approves the request to rezone the properties

Common Council:

March 13, 2018 - Adoption of Ordinance # 2600 for PUD Amendment


Per Zoning Code Section 275-20I, the applicant has simultaneously filed a Use Approval application request to layout the site plan and building architecture plans.

Plan Commission:

March 5, 2018 - Approval of the Use, Site and Architecture request