Kohler Pit Interim Filling & Grading Permit

Kohler Pit Interim Filling & Grading Permit 

Contact Information


Emily Petrie 

Kohler Pit


The applicant requested a Use, Site and Architecture approval for an on-going filling and grading permit for the property located at 4635 S. Racine Avenue. 

Plan Commission Meeting :

April  11, 2022 - Tabled.

August 15, 2022 - Tabled.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this meeting will not be open to the public in an in-person capacity. For those wishing to view the meeting/hearing, speak at the public hearing, and/or participate in the meeting if you have an item on the agenda – you may do so by downloading the ZOOM app located at https://zoom.us/ and utilize ID # 849 1321 0605  to join.

Any comments which the public wishes to make may be communicated to the city via email, citizencomments@newberlin.org and will be directed to the Mayor and Plan Commissioners.


Location Map (PDF)

Plan of Operation (PDF)

Site Grading & Filling Plan (PDF)