Board of Canvassers


The Board of Canvassers publicly canvasses the returns of every municipal election. The canvass begins within 24 hours after the polls close. At the spring election, the board publicly declares the results on or before the second Tuesday in April. The board prepares a statement showing the results of each election for any municipal office and each municipal referendum.

After each primary for municipal office, the board prepares a statement certifying the names of those persons who have won nomination to office. After each other election for a municipal office and each municipal referendum, the board prepares a determination showing the names of the persons who are elected to each municipal office and the results of each municipal referendum. The Board of Canvassers files each statement and determination in the office of the municipal clerk or Board of Election Commissioners.

Municipal Code


Meetings are held the day after election day.


Membership consists of two citizen members and an alternate member appointed by the city clerk for two-year terms beginning January 1 of even years.

Member Term Expiration Date
Mary Koranda December 31, 2023
Kathleen Marek December 31, 2025
Vacancy (Alternate #1) December 31, 2024
Rubina Medina, City Clerk N/A