Construction & Field Services

The Construction and Field Services Division is responsible for administering developer's agreements and city-led construction contracts to ensure proper inspection and compliance with documents, schedules, and regulatory requirements. This ensures that the developers fulfill their obligations to the developer's agreement, protect the city's interests in infrastructure construction, and protect private property owners adjacent to new developments. This division serves as part of the Board of Public Works.

Development Review

The Development Review Division reviews and provides detailed Plan Commission reviews for new development proposals and Plan Commission applications. Engineering Services reviews building permits, prepares the developers' agreements, coordinates new developments with other departments, assigns addresses for new parcels, and analyzes erosion control plans for multi-family and commercial sites.

In addition to these duties, this division prepares the public fire protection budget and reviews assessment roles, historical reference, and the coordination of plan review for private developments. This division participates in meetings of the Plan Commission, Board of Public Works, Development Review Subcommittee, and Grid Data Mirroring Package Review Committee.

Streets & Transportation

The Streets and Transportation Division is responsible for designing roadways and bridges, providing construction and contract maintenance services, managing specific projects, and supervising assigned staff. This division works on preparing designs and specific actions for roadway projects, administering grant programs for roadway and bridge improvements, and administering city policy.

This division also prepares and administers capital improvement projects for roadway projects, manages a five-year plan for street maintenance, conducts traffic studies, oversees the pavement management program, responds to transportation-related inquires, and reviews plans. This division serves and/or advises the Board of Public Works, TIP / TAC, Safety Commission, Alternative Transportation Subcommittee, and Plan Commission.


The Utilities Division supervises and analyzes water and sewer projects; designs and administers Public Works projects; reviews plans for utility, storm sewer, and road construction; prepares cost estimates; and collaborates on public infrastructure design.

Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Management Division manages surface water runoff, enforces the Stormwater Master Plan, oversees project planning, design, and construction, fulfills duties with respect to the Department of Natural Resources, investigates drainage complaints, and assists in community education.