Flood Hazard Areas

The City of New Berlin has areas of floodplain mapped along the following creeks, rivers and tributaries: Poplar Creek, Deer Creek, Root River, Calhoun Creek, Tess Corners Creek, Underwood Creek and Upper Kelly Lake Tributary. We are at the headwaters of these watersheds therefore we do not experience the same flooding as, for example, the Fox River. Flash-flooding is the general type of flooding associated with our waterways. In June 2008, storms caused flooding all over the region. The city experienced temporary road closures on 124th Street due to the Root River over topping the road in several locations. Poplar Creek caused flooding at Calhoun Rd and Victor Rd and the Kelly Lake Tributary backed up to Grange Ave and the subdivisions to the North. In all, there were 80 road closures throughout the City. The majority of flooding that occurred in the City during the June storms was associated with local drainage systems and the shear volume of water experienced over a short time span.

For information on past flooding and whether your property is located in the 100-year floodplain, floodway and potential flood depths, whether there are local drainage issues, or to request a site visit please contact Nicole Hewitt at 262-797-2445 or by visiting the Planning Office at City Hall, or by visiting the FEMA Map Service Center.