Ice and Snow Hints

Prepare for Old Man Winter

In order to minimize disruption to residents and maximize the safety and efficiency of our crews and the traveling public, we offer the following tips:

  • Maintain a safe distance of 200’ or more when following a snow plow per Municipal Code 346.915(2). Snow Plows frequently stop and reverse direction and cannot see vehicles which are following closer than this distance.
  • We understand the frustration when the plow comes by and fills in a portion of your driveway after you are done shoveling, however in many cases this is completely unavoidable. In order to minimize the amount that is plowed into your driveway, snow from your driveway should be placed on the right side of your driveway as you face the street (downstream from traffic flow).
  • Residents are required to keep snow off the roadway when shoveling, plowing or snow blowing. See Municipal Code 230-11 (Penalty can include a fine up to $102).
  • The City uses salt brine prior to snow events to minimize snow bonding to roadways. Please stay back from City vehicles putting salt brine on roadways. During snow events the City uses salt and calcium chloride to melt ice and minimize snow on roadways. Please keep in mind that in cold temperatures, particularly below 15 degrees, salt is not as effective. Snow may remain on roadways until temperatures rise above this point and we can clean up the roadways.
  • The City has 228 lineal miles and 630 lane miles of streets and over 450 cul-de-sacs. These are broken down into 19 different similarly sized plow areas. During snow and ice operations, please allow time for our crews to get to your roadway. We will attempt to get to hills, intersections and main roads first on our routes.
  • If there is a significant snow event, the City may declare a snow emergency during and immediately after the event to help with plowing operations. A snow emergency means that vehicles are not permitted on any street or public parking lot during this time. By declaring a snow emergency, we are able to more quickly and easily remove the snow from the roadways.
  • The City appreciates your cooperation with removing reasonable snow in front of your mailbox so that mail service can continue to your address. The City attempts to get as close to mailboxes as we can without damaging them, however when significant snow is on the ground, we may not be able to clear the area completely.
  • In fall, please verify that your mailbox and post are in good condition. Posts that are loose or leaning and boxes that are loose are the most likely to be damaged during snow operations.
  • If your mailbox has been damaged due to our plowing operations, please use this link (****USE LINK TO SNOW DAMAGE REPORTING FORM), email us at or call us at 262-780-4609. Our mailbox damage policy can be found at this link ((****USE LINK TO Mailbox Damage Policy).
  • If it snows on your garbage day, please ensure that the garbage or recycling containers are placed within your driveway, not in the street. Having garbage cans in the street delays our drivers and leads to greater amounts of snow being placed into driveways after they have been shoveled.
  • Please remind your children (and yourself) not to stand close to the roadway as a plow is going by. The plow can kick up large quantities of snow that can injure a person.
  • If there are high banks of snow at the end of your driveway or in a cul-de-sac, please do not allow your children to tunnel into or play behind them. Tunnels in the snow could collapse either under their own weight or due to a plow truck coming by which could result in injury or worse.
  • If you have any other snow plowing questions, please contact the Streets Department at 262-780-4609.

Thank you and have a nice and safe winter.

Snow Plowing