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The New Berlin Fire Department has adopted the Knox-Box brand of key boxes. The key box / key vault allows emergency personnel to gain immediate entry into a building or property without forced damage or a delay in waiting for the owner. The high-security, UL-listed key box is mounted on the exterior of the building and can contain entry keys to the building, magnetic access cards, floor plans, hazardous material information sheets, or personnel rosters.


The 1/4-inch steel box can either be mounted directly to the building's exterior or can be installed in a recessed manner, flush to the exterior surface. Box locations will be specified by the fire inspector but are generally placed near the front door. For added security, a tamper switch can be installed that will notify your alarm monitoring company of inappropriate activity.

Knox Box


All New Berlin fire engines carry a master key to open any Knox-Box key vault in the city. To ensure key integrity and accountability, these keys are secured with a radio-controlled lock, which can only be opened after receiving the proper electronic signal from police dispatchers.


Per the city code, key boxes are required on commercial buildings with monitored alarm systems. Other occupancies (such as multi-tenant commercial buildings and multi-family housing) may be required to install a box during plan review. The building owner / occupant is responsible for the cost of the box and installation. Order forms are available at the Public Safety Building:
16300 W National Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151