How can I prevent a carbon monoxide (CO) exposure?
There are many simple steps you can take to prevent an exposure to CO. These tips apply to your home, sheds, garages, tents, campers, RVs, and other enclosed areas.
  • Fuel heaters and other small appliances in a well-ventilated area
  • Have appliances, flues, and chimneys inspected by a qualified technician regularly
  • Install and maintain CO detectors
  • Never leave a car running in a garage or near a residence or other small space
  • Periodically open windows to air out the area
  • Provide routine maintenance of fuel-burning appliances
  • Use appliances only for their intended purposes
  • Use charcoal grills outdoors, in well-ventilated areas
  • Use paint strippers and solvents outdoors, in well-ventilated areas

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