What are common sources of carbon monoxide (CO)?
Common sources of CO include gas, oil, kerosene, propane or wood-burning appliances, charcoal grills, vehicle exhaust, lawnmowers, pilot lights, tobacco smoke, some paint strippers, and other chemicals.

Appliance malfunction, improper use, or a tightly insulated home can lead to inadequate ventilation of CO gas. Be aware of appliances that activate their safety shut-offs, a furnace that runs constantly, or soot, lint, or moisture on the walls, appliances, or vents. These could be indications of a need for service and a possible CO exposure.

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1. What is carbon monoxide?
2. What are common sources of carbon monoxide (CO)?
3. What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure?
4. What do I do if I suspect an exposure to carbon monoxide (CO)?
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