Information Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Department is to provide top-level support and cutting-edge solutions for technological needs in the City of New Berlin while providing regional guidance and leadership.


Responsibilities of the IT Department include:

  • Advising departments of new and appropriate technologies
  • Maintaining city IT infrastructure
  • Overseeing and enforcing consistent data structures across all city applications
  • Providing customer service in the form of day-to-day upkeep and training
  • Providing secure and functional access to city data
  • Supporting departmental and municipal technology goals
  • Supporting the City of New Berlin's growth through technology

Guiding Principles

  • Staff is held to a higher standard due to universal and unrestricted access to data.
  • Staff will provide decisions and leadership based on experience and training to guide departments in technological development and enhancements.
  • Staff will utilize critical thinking and basic logic to guide personal time management, prioritization, and task-based decisions.
  • Through talented and dedicated staff, IT will provide best-effort support of all technologies approved through the New Berlin IT Department.