Wind Damage & Sirens

Homeowner's Checklist

Once a major storm hits, it's too late to protect your home and property. However, there are things you can do now to limit future wind damage. Some are fairly simple and inexpensive; others will require a contractor. You'll need to consider the characteristics of your home, your financial resources, and the building codes in your community when deciding which methods to use.

Our homeowner's checklist will help you learn what you can do to limit wind damage. For more information about the costs and benefits of each approach, talk to a professional builder, architect, or contractor. You should also ask the city's Building Department about building permit requirements.

Building / Remodeling Homes

If you're building or remodeling a home, there are many other ways to protect your property that are not addressed in this checklist. To learn more, talk to a professional home builder, architect, contractor, or building supply retailer.

Emergency Warning System

The City of New Berlin's primary public warning system is the emergency alerting system (sirens) positioned in nine strategic locations throughout the city. The primary purpose for this system is to alert the public to severe weather coming to and/or affecting the municipality. View additional information about activation of the emergency warning system (PDF).