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  1. Please use this form to report a downed tree emergency within the City of New Berlin that is on public right-of-way or City property.  A tree emergency only exists when the downed tree poses a hazard in the public rights of way or City owned lands, not private property.  Do not use this form to report a downed tree at a private residence unless a portion of the tree has fallen within the City street or sidewalk right-of-way.  

    The City of New Berlin will respond to tree emergencies and will remove the hazard and any part of the tree that is an immediate risk to public safety.  Other parts of the tree that don't pose an immediate risk (such as tree trunks and stumps) will be removed at a later time so our crews can focus on other safety hazards around the City.  

    *If a tree has fallen on electrical wires, please call We Energies immediately at 1-800-662-4797. 

    Once this form is submitted, the damage will be reported to relevant personnel in the Streets Department. For your safety, please DO NOT attempt to clear trees near downed power lines or in City right-of-ways.

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