Wanted List

Warrants and Writs of Commitments

The Wanted List (PDF) is a list of individuals who have writs of commitment or warrants with the City of New Berlin. This list is updated the first week of each month.  If the individual is highlighted in yellow, they are a New Berlin resident.

All warrants and writs of commitment need to be verified by the New Berlin Police Department before any individual will be apprehended. If you know the whereabouts or have any knowledge pertaining to these individuals, please call the New Berlin Police Department at 262-782-6640.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not attempt to apprehend any of the listed persons.

Wanted Individuals

If your name appears on the Wanted List, contact the New Berlin Municipal Court at 262-780-8154 for information on taking care of the outstanding warrant(s)/writ(s) of commitment.