Notary Services

The City of New Berlin Clerk Department is happy to assist New Berlin residents with notarizing documents that simply require the notary to confirm the identity of the person whose signature is to notarized. 

Notary services are typically offered between 8AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. It is strongly advised that you contact the City Clerk Department at (262) 786-8610 to schedule an appointment with a notary. 

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is an individual issued an appointment by the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions to serve the public as an impartial witness, performing notarial acts as are allowed or required by law. 

When seeking notary services, please remember:

  • Bring a photo ID
  • Sign the document in front of the notary
  • If more than one person is signing a document, all persons must be present
  • We cannot offer the advice on wording or content of a document to be notarized.
  • If you require multiple documents to be notarized, please bring multiple copies with you.
  • A witness, if needed, will not be provided by the City.

Documents Notary Publics will not notarize:

  • Documents in a foreign language will not be notarized
  • Notary service is not available for wills, living wills, living trusts, codicils, depositions, and related documents.
  • Copies of birth certifications, death certificates, and marriage certificates cannot be notarized. 
  • Deeds, mortgages, or other real estate closing documents will not be notarized. These documents can require technical or legal knowledge that is beyond the scope of our service.


Notary services are provided free of charge to all City of New Berlin residents. 


Please contact the City Clerk Department at (262) 786-8610.